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About us

Titan Gate’s history can be traced back to the USA, where in 2001 a young man’s passion for technology leads to the launch of PhoneArena.com - one of the first websites dedicated to information about mobile phones. In 2005, the company founded its first office in Varna, Bulgaria, the city of TitanGate’s current headquarters. PhoneArena quickly gained international popularity and over the years the number of its readers continued to grow. Before we knew, PhoneArena turned into one of the top 3 most visited mobile phones sites, being read by 26 mln worldwide. On average, we publish about 1000 news pieces, reviews and videos each month, and we take pride in our rich database of mobile phones specs.

PhoneArena Mission
Guide people through the wonderful and empowering world of mobile technology.

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The years of experience as an owner of a large international website, with a revenue model based entirely on ad space monetisation, led to the development of our own technical solution for optimizing the gains from ad spots sales. This is how in 2013 we launched PubGalaxy - a platform for premium publishers, designed to help them attract advertisers and optimize their yield. Thanks to our innovative approach and sustainable results, today PubGalaxy is trusted by over 1000 websites.

PubGalaxy Mission
Help media owners by taking care of their monetization needs.

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The intense growth of Titan Gate led to expanding both our teams and locations. Thus, in 2015, we opened a new office in Sofia. By the end of 2016, over 100 qualified and experienced professionals are part of our team and we continue to grow.

Our Principles

Passion and Individuality
We are positive and casual individuals, passionate about what we do and proud of our accomplishments. We keep good work-life balance, valuing both our professional and personal life.
World Class
We benchmark ourselves against the best in the world, ultimately targeting a level that is Beyond Exceptional. We always strive for great quality, but consider the priority and resources available. If we can accomplish more with less, we do. Guided by our bias for action, we believe it's better to release a version you can later improve, than none at all.
Holistic Approach
We have holistic approach: data-driven, with a great amount of critical thinking applied. We understand the reason behind every decision we make.
Constant Improvement
We strive for constant improvement - that’s why we audit and question our practices and decisions regularly. We are open to change, learn from our experience and by acquiring new knowledge, which we spread among our colleagues. Constructive feedback is very important and we encourage everyone to share it with respect and backbone to back it up. Once a decision is determined, we bring everybody on the same page, we commit wholly and follow the established rules. To keep up with our constant improvement philosophy, every decision lasts until we find a better one.
One-Team Mentality
The company is each and every one of us. We are one big team, working towards a common purpose, sharing the wins and losses. We understand how our actions affect the rest and we determine the right solutions together. We care for, help and support each other.
Long-Term Success
We act like owners - we do things to last, and choose long-term success over short-term benefits. We work for the advancement of the entire company, not just our own team.
Honesty and Openness
We know that honesty and respect are the foundation, upon which strong relationships and trust are built. We talk openly both about our achievements and our missteps. People make mistakes, this is why we apologize, forgive and take action to prevent the same mistakes in the future. We’re comfortable with speaking up our minds and always tell the truth, even if it takes courage to do so. This goes hand in hand with listening to the others and understanding the meaning of their words.
We aim to have clearly defined team roles, task ownership and accountability in the company. However, when we face an issue that is outside anyone’s responsibilities, we are proactive to take the initiative, as we are not passive observers.
Autonomy and Acknowledgment
We believe that autonomy comes with expertise and loyalty. We aim to make promises that we can deliver on and to meet expectations forc. We acknowledge everyone’s contribution and give credit, where credit is due.
Lead by example
We set a personal example by anything that we do. Our own actions are the best way to inspire.


Pressian Karakostov
Pressian Karakostov Founder & CEO
Plamen Atanasov
Plamen Atanasov Software Development and QA Manager
Martin Dimitrov
Martin Dimitrov Software Development Team Leader
Lilia Chipilova
Lilia Chipilova Office Management Team Leader
Ivaylo Hristov
Ivaylo Hristov HR Specialist
Stefka Prodanova
Stefka Prodanova Financial manager
Pavel Petrov
Pavel Petrov Project Management Manager


Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov COO
Steve Ivanov
Stoyan Ivanov Ad Ops Team Leader
Dimitar Penkov
Dimitar Penkov Product Development Manager
Lyubomir Shishkov
Lyubomir Shishkov Technical Integrations Team Leader
Nikolay Drumev
Nikolay Drumev Yield Optimization Team Leader
Mirela Kolarova
Mirela Kolarova Account Management Team Leader
Borislav Borisov
Borislav Borisow Ad Quality & Tech Support Team Leader


Nanko Rusev
Nanko Rusev COO
Radoslav Slavov
Radoslav Slavov Authors Manager
Gabriela Petrova
Gabriela Petrova Business Development Manager